Don Smith


Don’t Spread My Wealth – June 16, 2011

Okay I got political with these guys and this turned into one of the best interviews ever. Check out the interview here.

Jeremiah Greer Live – April 17, 2011

Here is an interview I did with my friend Jeremiah Greer on his show Jeremiah Greer Live. Check out the interview I did right here.

Tha JackaLs Head – July 26, 2010

I had the privilege being in the Jackal’s Head! Check out my interview I did here.

Cosmic Book News – Jan. 4, 2010

This is cool! My own web site interviewed me. Check it out  here.

Shadows in the Dark Radio Dec. 10, 2009

This was a personal triumph for me. I have been a huge fan of Shadows in the Dark Radio with host Jeremiah Greer.

He has become a friend and he is just an all around decent guy.

Here is the interview Jeremiah conducted with me, the artist of my story, Judgement on High, Jason Dube and the editor of 2012: Final Prayer, Robert Heske.

And check out the Dec. 10, 2009 show.

Another Jazma Online interview Dec. 05, 2009

Writer  Allen Klingelhoets was kind enough to do another interview with me.

This time it was about my adaption of S.E. Hinton’s The Puppy Sister.

Jazma Online Sept. 5, 2009

Here is a link to a story done at Jazma Online about my Ronald Reagan comic.

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