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Political Power Vol. 01: Presidents of the United States 

My comic “Political Power: Ronald Reagan” was added as part of this collection.

You can get it here.

Pyrokinetic Oblivious

I had the chance to write this script for an upcoming anthology to be drawn by Leila Del Duca.

It’s a short one, dark and fun.

S.E. Hinton’s The Puppy Sister 

S.E. Hinton was, and still is, one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction and now she comes to graphic novels  in this touching family story. Nick and his parents get more than they bargained for when their newly adopted puppy, Aleasha, decides she’ll have more fun with her new “family” if she becomes human, too. So begins a laugh-out-loud adventure told from Aleasha’s point of view, about her transformation from puppy to girl.

Check out the write up from MTV here.

Also, you can purchase it here.

Faith Series: Jesus Christ 

Bluewater Productions has pioneered and popularized the ‘bio-comic’ genre with its series Female Force and Political Power. Now Bluewater makes history again as it tackles the life of arguably the most famous person in history, Jesus Christ.

The book highlights different aspects of the life of Christ to show that Jesus of Nazareth was more than just a great man in history, but proof of a providential force at work in the universe.

You can purchase the comic here.

Political Power: Rush Limbaugh 

He has been called ‘the most dangerous man in America’ as well as ‘the leader of a vast Right Wing Conspiracy.’ And many politicians, news pundits and commentators have asked, ‘Is he good for America?’

Those questions are discussed, as well as the revealing story of how a simple football fan from Missouri changed not only the faces of the news industry and radio industry, but with the help of 20 million listeners a week, the face of modern politics.

You can pick up the comic here.

Political Power: Ronald Reagan

To purchase Political Power: Ronald Reagan click here.

Here is a quick write up about the comic:


Freelance writer Don Smith has mad a name for himself interviewing creators and performers in the world of science fiction, comic books and entertainment with, ToyFare magazine and Wizard Entertainment’s web site.

Now, he jumps to the “other side of the table” as a writer with Ronald Reagan as part of Bluewater Productions Political Power series.

Ronald Reagan was considered by many to be either one of the United States ’greatest presidents and father of the neo-conservative movement or an out-of–touch figurehead, Reagan’s legacy still sparks debate 20-plus years after leaving office.

Political Power: Ronald Reagan, scheduled for release in October, examines Reagan’s eventful life from radio broadcaster to B-movie actor to California governor to President and includes his dignified fight against Alzheimer’s disease in later years.

“Reaganomics, the assassination attempt, “Star Wars,” the air-traffic controllers strike, Iran-Contra, and, of course, the collapse of the “evil empire” Soviet Union; wherever you may fall on the political spectrum, you must agree that Reagan’s time in office has had a profound and lasting influence on the country,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis.

Smith adds, “I think the crux of the book will be the assessment of whether Reagan was simply at the right place and time when the Soviet Union fell. Or was he one of the shrewdest occupants of the White House?”

The issue, penned by Smith, was illustrated by Scott Woodward. The cover art was provided by award-winning artist Azim Akberal.

The comic book series, launching in this month with a feature on former-Secretary of- State and retired four-star general Colin Powell, includes planned biographies on Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Al Gore and several others.

“Like its sister title Female Force, Political Power strives to tell even-handed stories of the individuals responsible for shaping the American way of life,” Davis added.

Still, persons in the comic book industry have praised Smith.

“Many of you know me from writing and singing songs from the original Transformers movie (1986), ‘The Touch’ and  ‘Dare’,” said singer Stan Bush. “And I just wanted to comment on Don Smith’s talent as a writer.”

Bush added, “He’s done interviews and written articles about me, including an excellent article in ToyFare Magazine.”

Bush continued, “Don’s a stand-up guy and a great writer and  I’m really looking forward to reading his new comic about Ronald Reagan, one of the greatest presidents of the last century.”

Larry Kenney, voice over actor, who made a name for himself as the voice of Lion-O on the “Thundercats” and a regular on Don Imus’s radio show praised Smith.

“Don Smith is a good friend and, I think, a fine writer,” said Kenney.

He said, “Don’s work is inventive, entertaining, and colorful.”

And Kenney further added, “I’m a fan.”

Steve Younis, the editor and publisher of the well known fan web site,, has worked with Smith in the past.

“Don Smith is one of those writers that comes along once in a lifetime,” said Younis.

“He’s not only talented, but he’s also dedicated and loyal.”

And persons who are making a name for themselves in the world of politics are praising Smith’s work.


Also, I had the chance to work on a story with Jason Dube. It was entitled “Judgment On High” and it appeared in this anthology book about 2012 called 2012: Final Prayer.

To purchase a copy, click here.       

Reviews of 2012: Final Prayer:


A reviewer for Comics Bulletin did not like it. I thought it was funny Jason and I were singled out in a rather negative review.

Frankly, I was thrilled. It means my career is going forward for me to get such a review.

“With all the quality work that went into this book, how did this story make it to print?”


Writer Nick Jones, of Horror Movies and Stuff, reviewed the graphic novel and called, the story I did with Jason Dube, “Judgement on High” one of his “recommendations for stories you might wanna really be sure to read from the piece.”

See the review here.

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