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Hey everyone:

My latest project, “S.E. Hinton’s The Puppy Sister” is now out from Bluewater Comics.

You can check it out here.

You can find out more about it here.

And even MTV mentioned it here.


So, how ’bout that election?

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Can you believe that just seven short days ago our country turned upside down?

Well, here the stories I wrote this week.

Paramus Patch

First up is my interview with pianist Carolyn Enger.

Second, is an amazing story about how the tragic death of a young boy named Noah inspired one of the most amazing foundations today.

Fair Lawn Patch

Noah’s story was retooled for the Fair Lawn Patch another fun newspaper I have been writing for. Expect more from them in the future.

Invest Comics

And in this week’s issue of Don’s Column over at is my reviews of IF-X and The Misadventures of Electrolyte and I mention the amazing new album by Laurie Jeron.


Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I had to share this pic from my friend Jason Dube!

Here is what I had going on this week at and Check out the article on comic books and charities I did…it is really one of my favorites.

Here is my article on Charities and Comic books.

This is my interview with Larry Marder, the president of the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

I had the chance to interview my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law for this story.

I had the chance to write about my buddy Robert Schneck and his book, The President’s Vampire.

And this week I also wrote for about a new comic book from Bluewater Comics about Bill O’Reilly.

Anniversary week…

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Hello everyone:

This has been a great week! I had the chance to celebrate eight years with my wife this week!

So this week, I have been busy at like crazy:

– I reviewed the Jeff Balke colored comic book from Zenescope SCI-FI & FANTASY ILLUSTRATED and Jeff McGlone’s LEAVES OF YGGDRASIL.

– The latest from Jason Dube.


– My interview with Victor Gorelick the head of Archie Comics.

– Not to mention my reviews of Bryan Glass’s THE MICE TEMPLAR and Ryan Colucci’s great werewolf-themed graphic novel HARBOR MOON.

Also, I had the chance to edit two amazing columns by Darth Andrea, her latest WHEEL OF TIME column here and Suzy Rahn’s wonderful convention reports.


Okay, I am so proud of this comic! The great Leila Del Duca took one of my scripts and I was moved by how amazing it was!

You can see her web site here.

But check out the new comic strip on my new page here.


Also, my new blog for Mysteries Magazine is up here.  Basically, Bornio is trying to do things to get primates to mate, how could you not like that?

And you can download the current issue here. I helped copy edit it.


This week I had the chance to interview Jim Garcia with the Nerds. You can see it here.


I downloaded my reviews from Renaissance Magazine here and here.



Here is my interview with Hy Eisman, creator behind the POPEYE the comic strip. Real nice guy!

LEAVES OF YGGDRASIL #1 Leaves_of_cover

New York Comic Con

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Well, I spent the weekend with friends and family and the New York Comic Con.

Here is a link to some photos we took.

Speaking of some comics, here is my latest column for

Not to mention, here are some pics I took from a wedding I attended with Laura and my brother, David.



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Here is a picture of Laura and me from a wedding we attended yesterday for our friends Tom and Denise.

Don’s Column

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Here is my latest column!

via Don’s Column.

InvestComics and the Patch.

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Well I am now a writer for InvestComics. Check this out!

Also I am writing for both the Wyckoff Patch and Ridgewood Patach. Here is my profile with a list of my articles.

Take care!

Been a while…

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Sorry I have not posted…I will have some new posts soon!



Current reviews and interviews

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First is my review of “Brightest Day” #0 here for

And my interview with author Brooke Musterman, author of “Reptiles on Caffeine,” for here.